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The change of global inequality over 5 decades based upon UTIP-EHII Data


  • On February 26, the Spanish periodical Ctxt published an interview with James Galbraith on the Greek question. Read here.

  • On February 24, L'Obs had an interview with James Galbraith on Greece. Read here.

  • On February 24, James Galbraith appeared on the RT program Boom Bust to speak about the Greek crisis. Watch here.

  • On February 21, Irish National Radio posted an interview on Greece with James Galbraith. Listen here.

  • On February 20, Fortune ran an interview with James Galbraith on Greece's situation. Read here.

  • On February 19, James Galbraith published an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe on the Greek scene. Read here.

  • On February 4, James Galbraith published a short essay in Deutsche Welle on the Greek crisis. Read here.

  • On January 27, James Galbraith published a call for good-faith negotiations in Europe. Read here.

  • From January 12-16, James Galbraith was in Paris to launch his book La Grande Crise, and also spoke on the tragic developments of the previous week. Interviews here, here, and here. Television appearances on January 16, with Patrick Artus on BFM here and with a number of leading intellectuals on the program "Ce Soir ou Jamais" on France-2 here. And in the provincial press, an interview on Greece and Europe could be read here. An interview on Europe1 with David Abiker, broadcast January 18, can be heard here, beginning at about the 29 minute mark. A series of radio interviews, aired the week of Jan. 19 on France Culture. Listen here.

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