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New measures from 1987 to 2012 show declining pay inequality in China after 2008

We provide new estimates of the evolution of pay inequality in China, overall and by region and sector, from 1987 to 2012, using the between-groups component of Theil’s T-statistic measured across regions and sectors. We find that China’s overall pay inequality started to rise rapidly in the early 1990s, that it peaked in 2008, with the between-provinces component peaking as early as 2002. Since 2008 overall pay inequality has decreased, with between-province and between-sector inequality both showing steady declines. Please see the UTIP working paper No. 67 for more details.



  • On September 15, James Galbraith spoke at the History Department symposium on Capital and Inequality at UT-Austin, with comments by Professor Mark Metzler. Audio here.

  • On September 12, James Galbraith appeared at a conference at New York University on "Rethinking Economics" with Paul Krugman and Willem Buiter. Video of the discussion in three parts, here, here and here.

  • James Galbraith's new book, The End of Normal, was published on September 9 by Free Press. An appearance on Charlie Rose followed and may be viewed here. Other recent television appearances are here, here, here and here.

  • On September 5th, Béatrice Halbach presented a joint paper at the UNU-WIDER Conference “Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts and policies,” Helsinki, Finland. The presentation slides may be viewed here.

  • On July 23, Wenjie Zhang presented a paper at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science, International Political Science Association (IPSA), Montreal, Canada. The paper is entitled "Why and how have the Chinese Communist Party succeed and endured so far?"

  • Wenjie Zhang's new book Lessons in Sustainable Development from Japan and South Korea, coauthored with Sara Hsu and Michio Naoi, was published in June by Palgrave Macmillan.

  • On May 23, James Galbraith spoke to the Danish think-tank CEVEA on the topic of Inequality and the Labor Market. Listen here.

  • On May 22, James Galbraith delivered a keynote address to the 3rd annual Nordic Post-Keynesian Conference in Aalborg, Denmark. The speech is entitled, "Keynes 'in the 21st Century': Tradition, circumstance, fad and pretence in the wake of the Great Crisis". Listen here.

  • On May 21, James Galbraith delivered a keynote address, entitled "A Matter of Standards" to the opening Plenary of the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany. Video starts at the 49 minute mark, here.

  • On May 20, James Galbraith and Stuart Holland spoke to a political gathering in Barcelona, Spain, on the Modest Proposal. Watch here, in Spanish voice-over.

  • UTIP working paper No.68 has been produced recently. The paper is entitled "UTIP Global Inequality Data Sets 1963-2008:Updates, Revisions and Quality Checks". Read here. This paper was presented at the IEA/World Bank Roundtable on Inequalities, IEA 17th World Congress, 6-10 June 2014, Dead Sea, Jordan.

  • UTIP working paper No.67 has been produced recently. The paper is entitled "Has China crossed the threshold of the Kuznets curve? New measures from 1987 to 2012 show declining pay inequality in China after 2008". Read here.

  • On April 17, at the invitation of the Objectivist Society of the University of Texas, James Galbraith debated with Dr. Yaron Brook, national director of the Objectivist Society. Yanis Varoufakis moderated. The topic was "Inequality: Should We Care?" Listen here. Watch here.

  • On April 12, James Galbraith gave a talk on the economics of the Predator State to the Annual Conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Toronto. Listen here.

  • On April 9, James Galbraith gave an interview to Mark Thompson of SiriusXM on the occasion of the Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ Library. Listen here.

  • Wenjie Zhang presented a paper at 2014 AAG Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida, on April 9, 2014. The paper is entitled "Created Unequal: An Analysis of China's Pay Inequality in Metropolitan Development."

  • James Galbraith delivered the Henry George Lecture at St. John's University, Queens, on April 7, 2014. Listen here.

  • Big News: James Galbraith and Angus Deaton received the 2014 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought at Tufts University on April 5, 2014. The award ceremony is here. For Galbraith's talk only, listen here.

  • Dissent has published James Galbraith's review of Thomas Piketty, Capital for the 21st Century. Read here.

  • UTIP working paper No.64, No.65 and No.66 have been produced recently.

    • The paper No. 64 is entitled "What do we know about the labor share and the profit share? Part I: Theories". Read here.

    • The paper No. 65 is entitled "What do we know about the labor share and the profit share? Part II: Empirical Studies". Read here.

    • The paper No. 66 is entitled "What do we know about the labor share and the profit share? Part III: Measures and Structural Factors". Read here.

  • On Mar. 5, James Galbraith gave a talk in Brussels at the Opening Plenary session of the Progressive Economy Forum on Inequality. Listen here.

  • On February 24, Yanis Varoufakis and James Galbraith spoke on austerity at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, at the invitation of the George F. Kennan Distinguished Speakers Series. Watch here.

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